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Acer C720P – Pros and Cons

Chromebook is an innovative concept presented by Google. Its appearance is comparable to an Ultrabook, but minus the power computing available. These notebooks or laptops are trendy and compact. They are also manufactured by a number of firms. Acer C720P is just one of these. Chromebooks are introductory laptop computers, offered for a good deal. The quality of build along with the design is intended to sport an easily transportable, classy and smooth laptop experience.

The primary characteristics of this model is presence of the brand new Chrome operating system. This operating system is anticipated to be incredibly safe and Google has publicly challenged cyber hackers to crack and hack their system. Even so, with a minimal storage capacity and insufficient apps available in the market, a number of people might not exactly feel at ease with it. The C720P Chromebook can be purchased at a reduced price of $299.99.


1. It is equipped with a secure and user-friendly operating system.

Google Chrome, the OS set up inside C720P, has become the most secure operating system available in the market today. Google was able to continue the good work when it comes to security and safety. The graphical user interface or the GUI of the Google operating system is really simple and gives people an excellent computer experience. The control interface is comparable to that of Android.

2. It carries a long lasting battery life.

This Chromebook is the most recent and the most enhanced processor architecture of Intel. Haswell micro architecture is the replacement to the Ivy Bridge architecture of Intel that is developed to minimize power usage efficiently. Having an Intel Celeron 2955U as the notebook processor, the Acer Chromebook does offer a great battery backup. Customers state that based on their experience, the laptop battery lasts about seven hours, which is decent. The OS, as well, does not deplete a lot of power since it is lightweight.

3. It is virus-free.

The Google Chrome OS is created throughout the Linux center, and these devices are not easily cracked. As opposed to the Windows OS, the Linux models are generally free from virus and malware. The same goes with the Chromebook. Using the C720P model, an individual probably will not feel the necessity of setting up security computer software to safeguard the system.


1. It lacks apps.

The brand new Google Chrome operating system possesses almost everything inside it, aside from a single little matter. That is the applications. This model drags behind its rival operating systems with regards to applications. A lot of these apps are not found in the Google PlayStore. By itself, this could be fairly unsatisfactory.

2. It has poor Wi-Fi reception.

Several users have observed an odd issue of Wi-Fi reception in the C720P Chromebook of Acer. The reason is a serious system driver failure. The WLAN driver is apparently the culprit and Acer offers remedies for this.

3. It holds a minimal storage capacity.

This Acer Chromebook only features a solid state drive containing a 32 gigabyte memory, which is apparently inadequate for a netbook. Google must have thought of affixing a hard disk drive at the same time. Even with the SSD’s minimal memory, the device is really fast. This device gets to be yet another tablet with an attached keyboard.

Varied Benefits of Gantry Cranes

One of the most notable inventions by man is a crane. It is used to lift heavy equipments and goods that can certainly not be lifted by human hands. They can move heavy goods from one place to another with ease. This includes moving goods to heights, as well. Cranes and crane parts are generally used in manufacturing units and the construction industry. It is easy to control and play a major role in the movement of goods.

You can easily come across a number of types in the market. Bridge cranes, overhead cranes, overhead bridge cranes, and they are the most important of all the types. They especially have attained huge popularity in the modern times. People prefer to have this type in their premise owing to the many benefits of possessing them. Besides, you can easily find vendors for them online. Their main advantages can be as listed below:

*Mobility: Unlike other types of cranes, they are easily movable. They can be used to displace goods from any location to any other location.

*Inexpensive: They also prove to be inexpensive as compared to other types. This is especially true for those areas where goods need not be lifted frequently.

*Heavy weight lifting capacity: Gantry cranes generally have a lot of capacity to lift heavy goods. They can lift goods as weighty as five tons.

*Displace goods from heights to heights: Gantry cranes can lift goods and place them high up to any location. Their heights can also be adjusted.

*Polyurethane gantry crane parts: Polyurethane is generally used in the rolling wheels of cranes for ease in movement. They are strong, durable, and generally last long.

*Widely popular nowadays: They can be easily seen in factories and manufacturing units, nowadays. Their use is increasing continuously owing to wide acceptance.

*Easy to find vendors: It has become easy to find vendors for gantry cranes. Suppliers for them can be easily found online.

There are many more benefits to having gantry cranes in premises. They are a better option as compared to their counterparts like bridge cranes or overhead cranes. Their use is increasing continuously in modern times. Quality products can be easily available online. It is bound to make your work easy. They will increase your productivity in the long run and ultimately help your business gain huge profit. It is advisable to shift to their use if you have frequent uses of heavy weight lifting.

A Brief History of Precision Machining

Precision machining has been around for over a hundred years, dating back to the industrial revolution which allowed manufacturers to produce extremely accurate parts. This precision machining technology enabled the Victorians to produce sophisticated farming equipment, ships and machines. One of the main benefactors was Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the legendary mechanical and civil engineer who built docks, bridges, ships and railways.

Whilst Brunel had to make do with unreliable calipers and heavy machinery to build his masterpieces, today’s precision machining workplace is extremely different. Technology has changed to the point where it’s unrecognisable from the Victorian era, the introduction of computers, water cutters and lasers make a work shop more like the base of operations of a Bond villain than an industrial factory.

Lasers are used as both incredibly accurate measuring tools and also for cutting and shaping the metal. Laser cutters work by heating or melting the material until it forms the correct shape whereas water cutters direct a high pressure jet that slices through leaving behind a high quality finish without damaging the structure.

Computers which control the lasers have been perhaps the biggest breakthrough. Quality precision machining means following extremely accurate and specific blueprints made by either CAD (computer aided design) or CAM (computer aided manufacturing) programs and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines. The programs produce complex 3D diagrams or outlines that are used to manufacture items such as tools, machines, winches or any other objects required by the customer. By using CNC machines, the process is more controlled and accurate and therefore helps to achieve better results when machining metals. These days, it’s the use of these programmes throughout the process that help make machining so precise and accurate. As computers are used throughout the process in the design stage and the machining stage to create extremely detailed and accurate items and parts, the former threat of human error is now removed.

CNC and modern precision machining first appeared shortly after the Second World War as a result of the aircraft industry’s desire to produce more accurate and complex parts. The ability to create these parts reliably and efficiently helped nations rebuild after the devastation of the war.

The cost of precision machining has also fallen over the years, now that designs can be saved on computer, the cost of setting up the process is reduced enabling skilled machine workers to produce high quality items cheaply and efficiently. This ensures that precision machining technology has a long life ahead of it as it continues to deliver large volumes of precision parts at low prices. It is likely that more and more products, especially computers, phones and tablets will be made with this machinery, rather than the plastics traditional used which are prone to breaking, for example MacBooks are milled from a solid block of aluminium.

All in all, the process of precision machining has changed beyond recognition from when it was first invented but it’s principles and the legacy that it’s built on has given rise to the latest advance in digital technology; 3D printing.