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Provide Effective Crowd Control Barriers Made of Steel

Crowd control barriers are available in a variety of styles, materials and sizes. The need for this equipment spans many industries, including construction, law enforcement and highway and bridge authorities. They are also an important and highly effective addition to the safety and security measures necessary in areas that have been affected by natural disasters, such as hurricanes and tornado’s. Barriers are often required and extremely beneficial at various sporting and political events as well. Any circumstance that requires the delineation of a particular area to properly guide and protect motorists, pedestrians and onsite inventory can be accommodated by one of the many types of barriers that are available from reputable barrier manufacturers and distributors.

Steel barriers are just one of the many types of equipment from which to choose. Typically available in an assortment of styles and lengths, high quality products provide the necessary boundaries as well as the safety and security necessary at high profile events world wide. Such events include Olympic Games, political conventions, high attendance public celebrations and major sporting events. They are also often found to be extremely beneficial at seasonal recreation parks and marinas.

Manufacturers that specialize in high volume production of steel barriers are more capable of providing fast delivery as well as lower prices for high quality products to their customers. However, it is also very important to purchase your equipment from a company that not only specializes in the high volume production. The supplier you choose should also be able to provide verifiable records of customer satisfaction and individually customized solutions. Leaders in the industry employ a competent and responsive customer service team and sales and design personnel that possess the experience and skills necessary to ensure the products you purchase will completely satisfy your individual and specific needs, your timeframe and your budget. A reputable supplier will have knowledgeable and experienced personnel that will guide you in the right direction as you select your equipment and services in order to create a crowd control solution that will satisfy all of your requirements, provide the safety and security you need and provide you with the highest quality products and best overall value.

There are a few features that are specific to high quality steel barriers that will work towards ensuring easier to transport and implement boundaries that offer the greatest amount of security, safety and longevity. Individual ones with interlocking hooks manufactured with a thirty degree bend and securely welded to the frame prevent the chances of separation and disengagement between individual units. It is recommended that the frame be constructed of sixteen gauge tubing to increase the strength and useful life span. The horizontal or vertical tubes in the center should be firmly inserted and securely welded to the frame to reduce the chances of disengagement and to increase the overall stability.

Many businesses, organizations and industries that use this equipment as part of their crowd control solution should also have access to accessories that add to the fundamental functionality. Options include pre-drilled holes for advertising products and services signage, or for signs that communicate important information pertaining to the event such as policies, rules or directions to designated areas. Some manufacturers include this option as standard feature for their products at no additional charge. One of the most popular and potentially profitable choices amongst the options includes steel barrier jackets. Unlike banners that can flap and fold over with the slightest breeze, barrier jackets are custom fitted and remain attractive and continuously convey a clear message to attendees, which projects a much more professional image.

On Growth Path

The view obtaining from the hugely successful Excon 2013, Bengaluru – the biggest exhibition of Construction Equipment in the region – notwithstanding the economic slowdown and the battering taken by the Indian rupee over much of last year, has been one of optimism and bodes well for India earth moving and construction equipment sector as it enters a critical ‘must-do’ phase of infrastructure development. This construction equipment magazine was all praises for the event.

The AT Kearney Report ‘Roadmap for Realising ECE Industry’s Long-Term Potential’ released during the exhibition, offers a positive outlook for the industry in view of the inescapable fact that India’s $1 trillion spending plan for infrastructure during the 12th Five Year Plan – notably in areas like electricity, telecom, housing, roads and bridges, irrigation, and transportation which includes airports, ports, railways, including mass rapid transit systems – which will of necessity prop up growth and demand for earthmoving and construction equipment (ECE) stock in the country.

Robust growth

According to the assessment the ECE market is predicted to grow by a healthy 20 to 25 percent over the next few years to reach 330,000 to 450,000 units sold in 2020, from current levels of about 76,000 units. The report goes on to say, “This would imply a $16 billion to $21 billion market, up from today’s $3 billion. The sector will continue to be dominated by backhoe loaders (more than 40 percent of total demand), but broad-based growth is expected across products, with each segment expected to see double-digit growth. A rise in the use of concrete will also create demand for concrete equipment in infrastructure and housing projects.” The long-term potential for India’s ECE market is significant, but growth is expected to lag behind China by about 10 years, the report says.

The fundamental drivers expected to propel industry demand are: Growth in end-user industries like construction and mining; increased adoption of traditional applications like digging and soil loading to speed up projects, especially in time sensitive projects, demand from new areas such as agriculture; Urbanisation will drive the demand for construction to meet residential, commercial, and infrastructure development needs; affordability of ECEs with the entry of new players in the market and increased access and lastly better availability of financing and increased use of rentals will encourage users.

The challenges

While there would be no dearth of opportunities, the growth path for the ECE industry would not be easy – it would be incumbent on addressing the challenges in its ecosystem. This includes limited financing options and payment terms for first time users which prevents prospective users from buying from original equipment manufacturers, low penetration of renting – it is currently 7 to 8 percent in India as against 65 percent in the United States and 35 percent in China – thanks mainly due to a tax regime which makes movement of equipment across states unviable; an underdeveloped secondary market for used equipment; the challenge of recovery debts from defaulters by non-bank finance companies; the low availability of skilled manpower; the need to address the gap in technology through technology adoption, collaboration and raising of R&D standards and the need for indigenisation which can help suppliers develop India-centric, cost-competitive offerings with frugal designs tailored to domestic needs.

Construction Opportunities, India’s leading construction equipment magazine is very optimistic about the future of the construction equipment industry.

Best Stairlift Accessories – Top Six Accessories to Maximize Stairlift Safety and Comfort

Stairlifts are a great invention enabling people who have difficulties making it up and down stairs on their own, to be whisked quickly and effortlessly from floor to floor, enabling them to use their multi-story house to its fullest. Stairlifts are also seen as a wonderful alternative to moving out of your house and finding a single-story replacement home. It is only natural that there are several stairlift accessories that are designed to further contribute to comfort and ease with which a person can take advantage of their stair lift.

You will find information about these useful stairlift accessories here: Inertial seat belt, Telephone jacks, Stairlift seat upgrades, Bridging platform, Power folding footrest, and Stairlift locking system.

Inertial seat belt

Most stairlifts are delivered with a clip-in seat belt, which resembles the seat belts on commercial aircraft. Intertial seat belt, on the other hand, functions like the seat belt found in modern cars. The difference is in the comfort of putting the belt on. There is no tightening needed, the intertial seat belt self-adjusts. And if you think the difference between the two types of seat belts is negligible, think again. We are talking about putting a seat belt on a person who has difficulty taking on a flight of stairs. Any additional help in getting situated in a chair will save them precious energy and will enable them to be better prepared for the ride.

Telephone jacks and a long wired cord

If you have noticed interference between your cell phone and the safe operation of a stair lift, then maybe you shouldn’t be using a cellphone while on the stairlift. Instead, get a telephone jack and a long wired cord for a interference-free communication from the stair lift.

Stairlift seat upgrades

A number of seat upgrades are available from different stair lift manufacturers. As far as upholstery, you can upgrade from fabric to leather. You can replace the regular size seat with a wide seat if that fits the passenger better. Finally, most stairlifts come with manual swivel chair. A swivel chair is great for getting on and off the stair lift because it swivels from the riding position to the entry/exit position at the end of the ride. Then before the beginning of the next ride, it swivels back into the riding position. However, a manual version of a swivel chair does require some strain in your body to operate. To reduce the strain, you can upgrade to a power swivel chair.

Folding/Bridging platform

This is difficult to explain. Sometimes, you have a mostly straight stairway that ends in a short twist toward the top. You can save thousands of dollars by not installing a curved stair lift. Instead, you install the straight stair lift, and use the folding/bridging platform to cover the small curved part of the stairs on top. The stairlift passenger, upon arriving to the top, lowers the folding/bridging platform to the footrest level and steps on the platform and off the stairs. Alternatively, the folding/bridging platform can be equipped with an electric motor, removing the need to fold it down and up manually.

Power folding foot rest

Stair lifts are best kept folded up when not in use. They only take 10-14 inches in width when fully folded. It is usually easy for a person to fold up the seat. The foot rest can be another story altogether as it requires bending to reach the foot rest. A synchronized foot rest can be provided to raise itself at the same time as the seat, thereby making bending unnecessary.

Key locking system

A stair lift can quickly become the main attraction of the house, especially for children. To prevent them from using the stairlift without permission, you can add a key locking system to your stairlift to lock it up when not in use.