Timex Watches – A Classic Brand For Sophistication, Style and Fashion

Watches reflect the class, sophistication, style and likings of the owner. Timex watches were introduced for the very first time in the year 1950, as a result of Waterbury Clock Company. It was the first company to add some magnificent features that changed the definition of watch such as water resistance, shock resistance, latching mechanism and long lasting and durable strap. Timex has come from a long way by creating watches for both men and women.

The Timex was not renowned for its fashionable and contemporary looks until 1980, but later on with the introduction of ‘Indiglo”, this brand has been taken into account by the world and became one of the most popular watches. This watch was termed as an icon in fashion world across United States.

Timex men’s watches are known for a lot of features that make it one of the most sought after watches for men such as waterproofing, shock resistance, high quality and several other features. The watches from Timex are available in a style of life and timeliness that can be easily understand by the kids and elderly people. The sports and camping watches include several features that make it stands out of the rests of its kind such as compass and excellent waterproofing character.

Most of the Timex men’s watches are not meant for fashion, style or luxury and they are really not going to gain points for their fashionable looks. But they are known for their high manufacturing standards, magnificent quality material and an experience of around 150 years. The most popular watch for men from the house of Timex is known as the Ironman. This watch is known as one of the most developed, technologically advanced and versatile models. This magnificent watch exhibits TapScreen and Flix technology that make it a great unusually intuitive instrument. Tapping utility has taken the things to next level of comfort and effortlessness making it one of the most popular watches.

Timex also offers fabulous watches for women created by considering the real women in mind. They are generally thin, small and fit quite comfortably on the wrist of any lady making them perfect for home or at work. These are the most sought after timepieces for women as they are available in a variety of types and in different price range. These watches are equipped with high quality stainless steel dials, durable straps and many other features.

The Classic watches from Timex are also very popular as they include the analog creations and the direct design approach. These classic timepieces from Timex exhibits casual or light dressy character with aesthetic looks with long lasting and durable material. The unmatchable dials, the Arabic numerals, the single and two-tone configurations make this classic timepiece a bridge between modern times and history.

Watches from Timex exhibit the great illustration of a brand that remains in the market since decades and are respected for their basic values. These are considered as one of the most stylish, versatile and affordable watches available in the market.