Wheel – Oldest and Remarkable Invention of Man

I’ve been thinking of some possible reason on how this civilization came up to this state of technological dependency? What was the past generations’ contribution to this effect? I read books, journals, and many other source of information including the net just to find a simple clue for this. Only one thing I have observed from those records, man never stop in finding solutions how to make life smooth and easy. They invented things, conducted studies and framed theories. And one of their remarkable inventions was the wheel.

The wheel is a big help in our lives. Using carts in simple transportation of goods from one place to another, up to the exploration of oceans and galaxies. This equipment was developed and used as component of complicated machines which enables us to work with speed and accuracy. This was also used by great men and women in the history of kingdoms and empires. Wheel was attached to their armaments, catapults, and chariots for their advantage in conquering lands, and protecting territories from invaders. This invention helped in the progress of the world’s economy, industry, and technology.

The construction and transportation industry will never move forward without the wheel. The construction of high rise commercial and residential buildings, lengthy expressways, bridges, flyovers, and in the excavation of subways and tunnels, wheel is undeniably present. Through the expertise of the operator, the heavy equipments used in these projects safely moves because of the wheel. In transporting agricultural and industrial products, from the rough carts of cave people up to the automobiles of this modern civilization, wheel is always a component. Some are simple in design others are artistically manufactured to enhance beauty and elegance. Scientists, researchers, and inventors don’t stop in developing this thing in order to utilize its full function with convenience and efficacy.

Wheel is also useful for kids in parks and playgrounds. It enables children to interact each other that they could develop good physical built and a wholesome character. it delivers laughter in amusement centers and casinos, sports enthusiasts gain fame and wealth, hobbyists such as a potter finds satisfaction and relief, and house chores over and done with comfort. Our disabled fellowmen who could not walk now can see the beauty of the surroundings.

All that I wrote above are the benefits accounted for the invention of wheel. Not to mention its worse effect when handled with negligence. But, as long as man seek out for easy way of life and search for industrial and technological advancement, wheel will always share a role in our existence.