Work at Home Business and Work at Home Job – How to Differentiate Both and Why it is Important

Are there any differences between “work at home businesses” and “work at home jobs”? To some people, they may think it’s no big deal, as both let them work at home and make money at home. If you are new to working at home, these two phases can make huge differences.

Let’s look at the differences between a “business” and a “job” first. You may have had a job before or have a job right now. A job can be full time or part time. No matter if it is a full time job or a part time job, it require you to continue working in order to earn you a salary. When you stop working, your money stop flowing in your pocket. For any job, the earning is proportional to your physical work contribution. Where else, a business requires the owner full attention on the initial start-up stage. A business owner may works longer than a general worker. Once the business is on track, the owner may reduces his/her working hours. A business owner can leverage their works by employ more workers. The earning is still flowing in even the boss is on “vacation mode”.

The same theory shall apply to “work at home business” and “work at home job”. The possible work at home jobs can be taking surveys at home, tele-marketer, taking freelance job as a writer, web designer, forum poster or blog commentator. Most of the work at home job will pay you once the job is done or per contract bases. If you did not complete the task given, you will not be paid. A work at home job will stop paying you if you stop working.

Work at home business is the heart of this article. To start a home based business, you can be promoting affiliate products, network marketing, MLM, selling drop-ship product or selling advertisements on website or blog. All Work at home business requires online marketing. Online marketing can involve submitting articles to an article content site, join forum discussion, blog commenting, and many more. If you are promoting network marketing or MLM, you can set your business on autopilot by joining their co-op if you have the money but don’t have time to do it yourself. All the online marketing done will bring in web visitors or customers for many years to come. An article submitted to 3 years ago may still drive traffic to your website now. Work at home business is something you can leverage. There may still have income generated from your home based business while you are on vacation.

A smart internet venturer shall start looking for work at home business opportunity and not work at home job. Start building business that will generate residual income and leverage your own time.